Tlaloc's Tear

Tlaloc’s Tear was once a powerful artifact cast down into the underdark by the shamans of the Lizardfolk tribes with the help of the Rain god Tlaloc, to dispel the lizardfolk’s old masters from it’s watery caverns.

It was a powerful Psionic and Divine artifact that kept the oceanic water at bay as well as curing all mental domination or illnesses to those that pass through it’s barrier. The all the lost warrior’s souls of the ilse of Dread because trapped in it’s curtain to aid in holding back the waters.

The ages and far realm influence have waned on the gift from the gods, corrupting it and causing the once indestructible rock to begin to crumble. A terror from the Far Realm guarded it jealously.

The tear and it’s gaurdian have been since been destroyed and it’s supporting souls departing to the after life. The flooding sea water will dispel the Primas occupation but replace them with literally-insane Aboleths.

What a predicament.

Tlaloc's Tear

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