Lavinia Vanderboren, nominee for Farshore lord mayor (female human)

Lord Manthalay Meravanchi, nominee for Fashore lord mayor (male human)

Militia Captain Gerrard Ulvar, Council Member (male human)

Professor Aldwattle, Council Member (male human), The party has yet to really speak with Aldwattle

Urgol Frol, a scatterbrained alchemist and naturalist (Druid). Here to study the strange creatures and substances of the Ilse of Dread. A true modern day Darwin.

Saint Nortlas Innersol, a true living saint, sent here by his god the Whirling Fury for reasons only known to him. He seems intent on spreading good will to those willing to accept it. Currently off adventure in the jungle of the Ilse of Dread with a few hand picked followers. Attempting to convert the more blood thirsty inhabitants.

Arkh Durran: 1st hand aboard the Wryven. Owning a rough and rowdy past and suspected for piracy amoung other things back in Sassarine, Arkh is off to a fresh start, a clean slate and to prove his worth. His life long shipmates are Geoff and Bill. Drinking heavily is profession.

Geoff Waters: Ex-second hand of the Wryven. Geoff as we knew him has past on to be reincarnated as a Gnoll by Content Not Found: Zypher. His current position aboard the ship is still up in the air, but he commands an air of respect and is a seasoned hand- er claw. His life long shipmates are Arkh and Bill. Drinking heavily is profession.

Willian Door “Bill”: The dour of the band of three. Bill has made a living in his early days as a shipwright’s apperitice but traffered his skills to professional Sailor and on-board carpenter. Owning some amount of renouwe in Sassarine his followed his life long shipmates are Arkh and Geoff to Farshore aboard the Wryven. He applies his wood working skills for Content Not Found: Zypher now. Drinking heavily is profession.


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