The Vanderborn Family.

- Lavinia -

Currently the only living true blooded Vanderborn, and heir to their estate and holdings. Lavinia has recently left her home in Sasserine to take her her parents project and legacy: A small trade Colony on the remote Island of Dread. Her rise in riches and stature is no small thanks to the current Adventuring party she has hired.

- Vanthus -

The first heir to the Vanderborn fortunes. Arrogant, Selfish, a scoundrel, and slightly obsessive. Vanthus first stole most of the family fortune to fund a thieves guild in Sassarine. When plans fell apart he found himself left a drift in the sea and was soon picked up by the Crimson Fleet Pirate. In some obsurce twist of fate he ended up joining the pirates and rose in there ranks.
When next he was seen he had become a Crimson Captian and taken on Demonic traits such as horns, wings, and tail. He commanded several ship of cutthroats and few more sinister beings.
His final venture was to attack the Colony of Farshore and claim his own sister as his prize. He was dealt a killing blow by Captain Zephyer during the attack on Farshore. He body now lies in the (Hallowed) Farshore graveyard.
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- Larissa & Verick -

Vanthus and Lavinia’s Parents. They recently met their tragic end when Vanthus had their ship burned to the water line with them on it. The Farshore colony was their project in part for Verick to gain more standing in the Dawn Council and to allow Larissa to explore her Druidic hobbies.


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