The Infamous Seven

Temauhti-tecuani (Slain!)
An enormous tyrannosaur, scarred and missing one hand and one eye, Temauhti-tecuani has long been viewed as the oldest and angriest of his kind on the isle. Temauhti-tecuani eventually met his death at the hands of the adventures near the tar pits. After being paraded round the Olman villages as a trophy, his skull was mounted above the bar in the Last Coconut Inn.

Baaragrauth (Slain!)
A particularly cantankerous dragon eel, Baaragrauth is said to haunt various reefs and bays near the Seven Villages, although to date, no one’s managed to locate his lair.

Cerattakatha (Slain!)
A terrifying scorpion the size of a house, Cerattakatha dwells on the aptly named Scorpion Isle. Residing in a abandoned mining town. They creature seems to commands swarms of it’s kind. Rescuing the Mithril mine from it’s clutches would be a boon to Farshore.

Blackfen Tribe Leader
A tribe of tribal totem worshiping bullywugs have taken up residence on the west coast of the island. Their raids upon Farshore and the Olman are not often but are precise and leave devastating after effects.

Emraag, The Glutton
An immense dragon turtle who dwells, in the northern waters, Emraag is known by the local tribes as the Glutton. He serves as the principle reason why more water-borne traffic doesn’t surround the isle.
The party and Crimson fleet have seemed to have worked out a deal with the beast to leave their ship allow for tribute.

A notorious beast, more dangerous than other monsters in the region, has long dwelt in the Valley of Madness.

The lord of Dragonhaunt Hollow,
Is reportedly an enormous green dragon, supposedly the only true dragon to live on the Isle of Dread. No one’s seen her in some time, but it’s generally assumed she still lives sleeping in a hidden cave below the northeastern section of the isle.

The Infamous Seven

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