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Greg Human (M) Paralegal Berserker Dread Captain Alive
Dal’thaerius Fayborn Human (M) Dragon-Blooded & Darker Powers Noble & Vessel Alive
Xllyklyk LizardFolk (M) Last of his Kind Dread Psionic Avenger Alive
T’knee Bosuns Half-Orc(M) Intimidating yet Friendly Sea Singer Seasoned Sailor Alive
Shep Human (M) World Wandering Vagabond, Ex-Shepard Stick Carrier Alive
Diago Deinonychus(M) Ex-Sheep Hound Loyal Dino Re-alive

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Party Holdings (PCs edit this page! A place to keep track of party lot, or holding not on their persons.)

People of Interest

The Vanderboren Family
The Jade Ravens
Farshore’s Inhabitants


Isle of Dread – A remote group of equatorial islands.
Farshore – The Vanderboren colony on the Isles of Dread
Sasserine – City of Seven, The early campaign starts in this coastal city.
Olman Tribes – The Olman and Lizardfolk tribes of the Isle of Dread
Lizardfolk Castes – The scattered castes of the Isle of Dread are some what of a mystery to current day scholars.

Key Events & Rumours

Known Lords of Dread – Creatures which seem to have an Agenda of their own, following their demonic master’s will.
The Infamous Seven – Powerful beasts of legend said to inhabit the island or the sea around it.
The Savage Tide – “What’d you say we were doing again?” A magical pearl releases pure chaos.
Rumours and Misc – hints at the dangers ahead, and general stuff.

Rules and Resources

House Rules
Sassarine Handbook: 7MB PDF
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