Lords Of Dread

There are said to be seven Lords of Dread that inhabit or at least are connected to the Isle of Dread. These creature have been identified as key agents of the Prince of Demons himself. Demogorgon.
Most don’t seem to care much for the colony of farshore, as they are carrying out their dark lords master plan.

Many many many creatures claim to be the real lords of dread as the title was honorific in ages past. Now a days it’s seems to have more weight associated with the name, and those claiming it’s mantle should not do so lightly.

At large

At least one Lord of Dread is said to rest on the central plateau in the middle of the isle of Dread.

Cold Captain Wynter
Leader and dreaded Captian of the entire Crimson Fleet. Rumors have circled about this legend to have the eyes of a demon to have some connection to the Isle of Dread.
Even though he’s never met the man himself, Mr. T’knee Bosuns likely knows lots more about his former employer if he put his mind to it.

Two more to go


Olangru (Slain!)
While at first glance this Bar-lgura Demon, the ruler of a old temple dedicated to the Prince of Demons could been seen as one of the Lords of dread. The actaul master was a Lemorian Golem, a living statue from which he received his orders from.
Adventurer’s have claimed his Dread mantle

Vanthu Vanderborn (Slain!)
Discussed in full here the prodigal son of the Vanderborn family had escalated through the Crimson Fleets ranks and even donned the Title of a Lord of Dread himself. Assumingly he had to “take” it from it’s previous owner. Quite the ladder climber before his unexpected demise.
Adventurer’s have claimed his Dread mantle

Ulioth, Fallen Primas
A creature known as Ulioth, formally a Primas. Is said to wear the mantle of a Dread lord now. He apparently oversees production of the shadow pearls in the ruined Aboleth city of Golismorga.
The Savage Tide is not always cruel to it’s victims, at least not those that follow Demogorgon’s will.
In a silent blaze of light Adventurer’s have claimed his Dread mantle

Respectable owners, We like em.

Content Not Found: Zypher is captain of the Wryven, wielding the mantle of the Lord of Dread. Claiming the domanins of the skies and seas.

Xllyklyk the last of the Quyntyc. Wielding his Psionic might claims lord ship of all Bullywogs, and the honour of his fallen clan.

Shep a foreign traveler, who has crossed many a road and sea, tracked many a creature, slain many a beast, and herded many a flock. He has claimed the mantle of a Lord of Dread from the deeps of the earth.

Lords Of Dread

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