Lizardfolk of the Isle of Dread

The Lizardfolk were one of the first people to arrive on the Isle of Dread, there history is a long, their tales are great, and more recent events seem to be shrouded in mystery. Surviving members of some castes have join Farshore and the Circle of Olman tribes, in order to survive on this vicious isle.

As Grandfather Xllyk recalls the castes of the Lizardfolk to his grandson Xllyklyk.

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The “First ones,” servants of the gods as well as the old masters. It falls on the Primas to guide the Tribes into glory and a promising future. Rumored to have powers of the mind and clairvoyance, but often lacking in physical strength.
The Primas Caste has dwindled through the years, and become very recursive. Hiding in their Ziggurats while attempting to see a path in the future of their people.
- Xllyk has said that they were too caught up in the Old ways to understand the future, but the few directions they have given the tribe have not steered them wrong. There last known leader was a near blind lizardfolk named Ulioth.
-Modern Day: Fallen and persuaded by the Prince of Demons Demongorgan, these ex-Lizardfolk have exposed themselves willingly to a Savage Tide. Their devotion to their Demonic lord has twisted their bodies and their minds.
They now serve their master unquestionable.
Orchestrating a plot along with the Crimson Fleet to “Remove” unwanted aspects the Primas convinced Far’lows and Coil to turn on their own tribe with them. The Fleet were to kill and capture the Quyntyc and Burowao. While the Coil and Far’low would remove the remaining two tribes.


“Those that followed” are the caste that created the majority of the tribe. They were by far the most numerous, distinguished by the large white marks on their faces making it appear as if they worn skulls. They bared the everyday tasks, or manually labour most.
The Far’low did not have a particular leader, there were ruled by a small council.
- Xllyk often joked about that the Caste were too lusty for their own good, they had an exceptionally high breeding rate, and while “weaker” than the other castes often had numbers to back them up.
-Modern Day: After they betrayed their own kind they fled deep into the ancient caverns of the Isle of Dread, back to the birth place of all Lizardfolk. There their way of life has rotted and their have forgotten the old ways, becoming nothing more that whelps and folder for the Lords of Dread.


The “Black Scales” towering over other lizardfolk, these black skinned, almost crocodilian featured lizardfolk were seen as the Tribe’s warrior caste. They were not particularly bright or quick, but had enormous strength due to their size. These warriors were often the ones tasked to defend their fellows against the larger threats of the Isle of Dread. The caste did have their own war-leaders, but were often lead into war by a Quyntyc member.
Their Totem Animal are Crocodile-like or Dinosaur-like creatures.

- Xllyk “Not too bright, and savage in a fight, but trusting, and friendly to their allies.”
-Modern Day: Have joined the remaining human Olman tribes in order to stay strong in recent years. They have allied themselves with Farshore willingly after seeing that a Quyntyc has returned to guild them. The monolithic Lizardfolk have also continued the “Zombie Master” tradition that the Coil Caste was known for, and thus are considered the leaders of the tribe. They know little of past events.


Shamans, Advisors, Warriors, and often seen as the Guardians of the tribe. While few in number, the Quyntyc have long protected their fellow tribe mates from the darker powers that lurk within the Isle of Dread. Seen as exceptionally powerful, talented with powers of the mind and body, a Quyntyc members quickly adapted to any role that fit their strengths.
-Modern Day: The majority of the Caste has been killed in a Red Pirate raid. Only one known remaining Caste member survives today. Xllyklyk a hero and current holder of one of the titles of “Lord of Dread.”


The “Earth Caste” came in many different colours but always sported the strippings down their back. True master craftsmen the Rakasta did not posses any powers of note on their own but were able to imbue their creations with gifts of the mind and of the Gods. They often favoured Tigers, Dire Tigers, and other striped beasts as their totem animal.
-Modern Day: Their true fate is unknown but the Heros discovered a forgotten temple of the Rakasta, which contained a weapons cache and a very grief stricken Couatl (Winged serpent) named Tonatiuh. Who gave vague comments about how they were betrayed and slaughter before his very eyes. “Given over to the Red Pirates, and the true Lords of Dread.”


The “Poison Dusk” caste stands only half as tall as a human does. Green skined and lithe in figure these tiny-folk are considered the hunter-gatherers and scouts of the Tribe. A role they continue today as allies of the Olman, along with their exceptions gifts with the bow and stealth. Their totem animals are often lizard-like animals.
-Modern Day: The surviving Dawa have regaled their story to Xllyklyk that many of their father’s-father claimed to have seen the Red Pirates arrive in mass and begin to lay slaughter to the Tribe Castes. They were able to reach and warn some of the Castes from complete annihilation: The Burowao, The Rakasta, and themselves. While the Burowao followed them south to ally with the Olman, the remaining Rakasta left years ago claiming a “need for revenge.”


The “The Seventh Coil” were a serpentine-like Lizardfolk. They were the Shamans, priests, and members of faith in the Tribe. Giving the insight of the great Quezacotl and other Aztec gods when needed, they were able to perform powerful prays and heal tribesmen. Their totem animal was a snake- Often Quezacotl or another god.
They ensured the Tribe had a Zombie-Master for each caste. A priest who would resurrect the dead (Or “ancients” because calling them “dead” was seen as blasphemies) to aid in the defense or times of war. Unlike most human races this was seen as a great honour.
- Xllyk: Never had much stock in the gods, as he was a practical (lizard)man. He could not deny their powers though.
Often ruled by their Zombie masters, the Coil’s Caste leader was a female named “The Seventh,” who also showed slight powers of the Mind.
-Modern Day: Dal’thaerius and T’knee Bosuns both have experience with the Serpent-like creature. Still calling themselves the coil they seem to have fled the Isle of Dread completely in pursuit of conquest and plunder with the Crimson Fleet.

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