The Savage Tides

Lavinia's Journal
Recap 1

Busy rebuilding Farshore currently. This will be a recap of previous exploits, up to the Crimson Attack.

Arkh’s Log

Hope ye get this letter ma.
Farshore came under attack by the scourge of the sea the Crimson Fleet. Nastily band of cut throats I’ve ever seen, and you know the kind I attract. Led by that Vanthus Vanderborn fellow- guess you were right about his after all ma. Well I’m writing to let you known your son is alive, the colony owes a lot of it’s efforts to the Captain and his mates.
Farshore is rebuilding, I’ve been tasked with digging out the sea traps. Lavinia Vanderborn is now in charge of the town and is putting pieces back together. She’s sent two ships back to Sassarine to try and re-open trade, so in light of that make sure to send some of my things on the next boat. Nights are colder than you think down here.

Apparently some complications arose and the Captain and his mates are off to slay some of the Nasty beasties on the isle, A Scorpion, A Glutton, an a bunch O’ Frogs.
After that apparently the fleet has some business here on the Isle with the ‘Lords of Dread’ who are making these Black Pearls, and the Captain would like ta look into that… Which is confusing to be honest because I thought the Captain and his Lizard friend were Lords of Dread, and that Spell-slinger had Black pearls. But I ain’t paid to think.

Ran into some Reef Mashers, nasty things, but no real problem. Just the lads getting their feet back under them and gettin’ ready to rumble. Tomorrow we land on Scorpion Isle to try and take back a mine from a Scorpion that’s rumored to be the size of a house.

Diago’s Day

Oh boy! I love sailing so much! We took a little boat over to a small island. I love islands so much! When we got to the beach the pack told the other men that rowed us here to go back to the ship. That is ok, we are the pack we protect the flock. There were lots of shell bugs there. I barked at them. They were too stupid to know I was barking at them. I love beaches so much!

I love forests so much, but not this one. there are bugs everywhere, I hear them, I see them, I smell them. They are watching us. In a wrecked town the largest bug I have ever seen attacked us! We attacked it back! It talked to the pack out loud, it was always talking to the other little bugs quietly. Something about Tides, and Princes.

Big bug is too strong! We can not scrap with it, we need to out think it- later! Big-Lizard isn’t moving anymore! He smells of sick! Storm-Talker is running, Shadow-Dragon is running and trying to help Lizard run. The Sea Singer smells near death. Bigger-bug has Shep in it’s claws! Don’t worry master, I will help you!

Smaller-Big-Bugs have stabbed me with their tail, so tired, need to lie down, and then help master… Can’t keep eyes open… I saw Master look at me, he looked upset, Bigger-bug must have hurt him too. He got mad- really, really mad. He used his glowing sword to bite through bigger-bug’s arm in one whole swing! Lots of fire… all the smaller bugs are gone now. So tired. Bigger-bug tired to run back to his cave, but master had gone rabid, and chew through Bigger-Bug like a toy.

We can lick our wounds. So tired… Lets hunt tomorrow, Master…I love hunting so much…

Sacrificial Lamb

So the rest of the lambs/ram/sheep are thinking about bolting it. They are in a tight situation and need to leave. They decided to leave the Sacrificial Lamb behind for the culling.

The Sacrificial Lamb is tied down, barely able to move as the Cultist moves in closer for the kill. The cultist raises the scantified knife above his head ready to Plunge it into the Lamb’s heart. Unexpectedly however the lamb stands up, shouting a battle cry of fury. Punches the cultist in the nose, snatches the dagger from his hand and plunges the dagger into his heart. Beats up all the other cultists and steals their lunch money, and sets the alter and evil-church on fire.
Walking away from the carnage he merely remarks to the wind how once a “Shepard taught him to do that.”

Arkh's Log

Oh-Ho! The Captain and his mates returned victorious! Cap’n tells me the beast is dead! That means Mithril! Which means more trade opening up! Which means once The cap’n and his crew clear the of rest these beasties off this island- Good Ol’ Arkh is set for life. Ah the Mithril trade- likely the only trade ever that never fall out of favour. Well ‘cept if the mine runs out, or I fall on a sword, or get eaten by a beastie.
Chin up! Some of the new lads took betting our Heros wouldn’ make it. Us more season hands are now that much richer. Good scan by Bill connin’ the newbies inta betting against the them adventurers. Ha!

The returning heros did some voodoo callin’ to the sky and sea to return the Shepherd’s dog back to the sea? Not sure what is going on, but the pups corpse is now in some floatin’ ball under the surf. Gives me the shivers ta be honest- Not evil, just something us men shouldn’t be messin’ with.

Ye’ Ol’ Heros and Lord o’ Dread also went back to explore something else deep down in the mine. Said they “Found something.” Two words I didn’t like hearin’.

Bill’s Report

- One and three fourths a barrel of Nails, Eight tons of timber.
I’ve heard the Olman workers talk about great cities of old, twisting cave networks stretching for miles under the Island, among other marvels of the Isle of Dread. I’d be impressed to know how the ancients did all of this considering the engineering feats they would need to undertake.

- One barrel of Nails, five and a half tons of timber.
Prior to the Heros leaving to “Check out something underground" they left their dog’s corpse inside a spell of some kind. Arhk was told it was important. The spell-ball slowly attracted all sorts of sea beasties. Swarms of large squid, more Reef Mashers, Shark’s big enough to swallow the ship, Writhing masses of tentacles, and house sized crabs looking for a new home.

I missed all the action as I was below patching holes and supervising the crews for almost sixty hours straight, lower compartments are still more flooded than I’d like. Took a long nap afterwards.

- Little less than one barrels of Nails, five tons of timber. half a ton of Drift wood.
When I came topside with a bowl of crab stew in my hands. We were well on our way to Gallant Cove. Arhk was a little mad at the captain, not sure why. Oh and the dog is alive again and a dino now. Not sure how that happened.

- Little less than one barrels of Nails, five tons of timber
Met with the Glutton, the Hero’s bribed the beast for safe passage. I wasn’t worried, but Churtle scared me- curled up in a ball under her work bench chanting “Don’t find me don’t find me.” Not sure the little Kobold knew that Dragon Turtles aren’t really Dragons.

Hero’s departed for some cave to look for those bombs the Crimson fleet use. Great time to send a crew a shore, and restock. No sea beasties will bug us this close to the Glutton’s lair. Think I’ll take Churtle with us, she could use the air and dry land.

Irgzid Uzeye's Imprisonment

Wasting away in this cursed caged while my people rot around me! Trapped for MONTHS! Nothing to do but reflect.

When the Primas returned to us … Changed, I was one of the first to accept the blessed Gifts from the Lord of Dread, and we gladly passed them onto the idiot Red Pirates (CrimsonFleet) to spread our God’s will. My brothers were soon blessed with Laogzed’s Embrace afterward but I was not. At first I feared what this ment, but I wrapped myself in bandages and grew my claws out like the rest to hide my shame.

Slowly my brothers and sisters dwindled to this what I now know is a disease and they seem to drift futher and further away from the proper teachings. When they added that second head to the alter I knew something had gone horribly wrong. After our last exchange with the … Primas… I slipped away from my brothers (They seem to grow dimmer as the days press on), and snuck back into the Temple of Ancients.

There I had a vision.

My brothers are being deceived by the Primas! By the Lords of Dread! By Ulioth! By who ever these darker powers be!
I returned to Laogroat to gather warriors, but my rally proved to be my undoing. They imprisoned me after they realized I was not tainted by the disease. They left me in a cage by the dead hoping I would contract the plague, which I have not. Preaching to me daily of the sins of Health.

Recently the Skin-walkers, more deluded followers of one of the other Lords of Dread- brought a addle Olman as a slave or sacrifice, they left him in the cage beside me.
That was two weeks ago, and I still linger here.

What’s this? Strangers have come too Laogroat.

*Boom * *Bang * *Ka-Bang * Followed by other loud sounds, and artillery fire.

The Lightless Depths

Strangers have arrived into Laogroat. They instantly slew our priest caste but spared myself and the rest of my brothers and sisters. Has Laogzed or Quezacotl sent them? No matter, they Must be the warriors sent by the gods to help save my people from this corruption. They are strange though
A Lizard skinned Human, who casts miracles as strong as the faithful, and wields weapons of the Red Pirates.
A Quyntyc but not a slave, Zombie, or Skinwalker. Strange. He is fit and healthy, I do not know what to make of this.
A Red Pirate- Orcish- Prehaps a fellow redeemer like myself? He claims to be a singer of song but does not seem to know any proper hymns. Perhaps I should teach him some.
Another human (Shep), whose skin, features, and hair are unlike any human I’ve seen before. Wielding a simple stick as mightily as a great warrior.
And what appears to be a tamed Jungle Tiger (Zepher) which speaks!, and a Fleshraker (Shep) (Raptor), which does not speak.

I’ve guided them past the burning pools, and they have slain the guardian in the hanging forest. Passing through The Cerulean Curtain proved a challenge as the Heros were weary of its existence, and why it repels water. Asking “Where it came from? What is it?” Useless questions. The Curtain has always been! Useless question will change nothing.

We passed the way to Barbus and were attacking by a creature I’ve rarely seen. A spider made of stone and runes. The Heros over came this beast, more proof they are worthy to free my Caste. We travel deeper into the Lightless Depths tomorrow… What awaits us? My dreams no longer tell me.

Swim Deeper.

How delightful!
A former slave managed to sneak into my … Prison while the Primas were away. I convinced the Troglodyte Priest into bringing surfacers here. These ones appear to be quite powerful. An array of Mind, Magic, and Might. The insects wished to barter with me, how adorable. I granted whatever it was their tiny minds have asked, assurances, the locations of some trinkets. In return they have said they would destroy Tlacloc’s Tear- the accrued thing keeping me here.
It doesn’t matter if they live or die so long as the tear is destroyed. Ideally they will also slay the Transformed Lizardfolk- and the Lord of Dread down there. Afterwards I will reclaim our Alter to Holashner and leave this place. The demons and mortals can have what is left for all we care.
I should make sure to attempt to “cure” as many of my brethren as I can. Those I can not, I fear I will have to put out of their misery. Truly a tragedy for the epoch.


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