Tooth of Kas, The bloody Handed

One of the Teeth of Dahlver-nar.


Moderate Transmuation: CL 9th, Price 6,000 gp (Technically Priceless)

To employ this Tooth you must remove one of your own teeth and fit the tooth in it’s place. This does not affect bite damage or give you a bite attack if you normally lack you.
You must have the tooth in your mouth for one fully day before you can use its ability.

The tooth is that of a humanoid creature, an elongated canine.

After this time the tooth allows you to gain a bonus +3d6 Sneak Attack against opponents who currently believe you are their ally.

In addition you gain a +1 profane bonus to AC and all attack rolls against any opponent who you have betrayed or they consider betrayed in the past.


Kas the Bloody Handed is a very mysterious figure in Greyhawk history. He’s only done two things truly of note.

  1. Cut out the Lich-Lord Vecna’s Right Eye
  1. Cut off the Lich-Lord Vecna’s Left Hand

As long as his tooth is in your mouth the influence of a being long forgotten by this world seeps through your body. While in darkness or low light your eyes appear to be angry and catlike. This grants you no bonus and is merely a visual effect- perhaps a little intimidating.

The following are “influences” and the character is under no supernatural power to follow through with them unless he wishes to do so.

It’s influence asks the user to act warm and affectionate toward those with whom he speaks. Gain their trust.
It further asks that you kill any undead creature or religious cult member (Ex the Cult of Vecna, or Demon-worship) encountered.

Tooth of Kas, The bloody Handed

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