Shadow Pearl

A powerful tools of Chaos, Savagery, and Destruction.


When cracked and smeared with blood, this pearl begins to bellow out acidic smoke. After 1 minute the pearl will when explode unleashing a Savage Tide upon the surrounding region, and the world.


Gazing into it’s inky blackness is hypnotic. You can almost see yourself in it’s depths… Well something that is sort of like you.

The adventurers have never experienced a Savage Tide, but have witness the results of one when they visited Karken Cove and recovered The Sea Wyvern during the events of The Bullywug Gambit there they saw hideously deformed creatures of all shape and size transformed by the chaos energy released from a huge black pearl that Vanthus Vanderboren accidentally shattered.
They again encounter the threat of a Pearl during the Crimson Fleets invasion during when Vanthus Vanderboren threaten to release it upon Farshore before being mercilessly slain.

an artists impression of an intact pearl

The cargo manifest of The Sea Wyvern indicated the pearl was destined for Sasserine.

Shadow Pearl

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