Tooth of Ahazu

One of the Teeth of Dahlver-nar.


Moderate Transmuation: CL 9th, Price 6,000 gp (Technically Priceless)

To employ the Tooth of Ahazu you must remove one of your own teeth and fit the tooth in it’s place. This does not affect bite damage or give you a bite attack if you normally lack you.
You must have the tooth of Ahazu in your mouth for one fully day before you can use its ability.

After this time the tooth allows you to make grapple check as if you were one size category larger than your actual size, effectively granting you a +2 size bonus on all grapple checks, and allowing you to grapple larger foes.

As long as his tooth is in your mouth the influence of another worldly being seeps through your body. Your skin becomes cold to the touch, and the inside of your mouth turns black. Ahazu’s avarice infect you, encouraging you to steal small, precious objects whenever the opportunity presents itself. You may choose to ignore Ahazu’s influence, but if you do you take a -1 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks as long as you continue to resist his influence and the tooth remains in your mouth.


The history of this Tooth is still unknown. You shouldn’t put strange things in your mouth.

Through whisper you find that Ahazu himself seems to know a great deal of other Teeth of Dahlver-nar. Like an obsessive collector. Rarer still he makes off hand commons about Demon lords that the PCs encounter.

Tooth of Ahazu

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