The Savage Tides

The Lightless Depths

Strangers have arrived into Laogroat. They instantly slew our priest caste but spared myself and the rest of my brothers and sisters. Has Laogzed or Quezacotl sent them? No matter, they Must be the warriors sent by the gods to help save my people from this corruption. They are strange though
A Lizard skinned Human, who casts miracles as strong as the faithful, and wields weapons of the Red Pirates.
A Quyntyc but not a slave, Zombie, or Skinwalker. Strange. He is fit and healthy, I do not know what to make of this.
A Red Pirate- Orcish- Prehaps a fellow redeemer like myself? He claims to be a singer of song but does not seem to know any proper hymns. Perhaps I should teach him some.
Another human (Shep), whose skin, features, and hair are unlike any human I’ve seen before. Wielding a simple stick as mightily as a great warrior.
And what appears to be a tamed Jungle Tiger (Zepher) which speaks!, and a Fleshraker (Shep) (Raptor), which does not speak.

I’ve guided them past the burning pools, and they have slain the guardian in the hanging forest. Passing through The Cerulean Curtain proved a challenge as the Heros were weary of its existence, and why it repels water. Asking “Where it came from? What is it?” Useless questions. The Curtain has always been! Useless question will change nothing.

We passed the way to Barbus and were attacking by a creature I’ve rarely seen. A spider made of stone and runes. The Heros over came this beast, more proof they are worthy to free my Caste. We travel deeper into the Lightless Depths tomorrow… What awaits us? My dreams no longer tell me.


Not a slave, zombie or skinwalker… what is this that has befallen my clan……
i SHALL free the slaves, put the zombies to rest. and cleanse the skin walkers..
This i vow unto you grandfather.

The Lightless Depths

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