The Savage Tides

Swim Deeper.

How delightful!
A former slave managed to sneak into my … Prison while the Primas were away. I convinced the Troglodyte Priest into bringing surfacers here. These ones appear to be quite powerful. An array of Mind, Magic, and Might. The insects wished to barter with me, how adorable. I granted whatever it was their tiny minds have asked, assurances, the locations of some trinkets. In return they have said they would destroy Tlacloc’s Tear- the accrued thing keeping me here.
It doesn’t matter if they live or die so long as the tear is destroyed. Ideally they will also slay the Transformed Lizardfolk- and the Lord of Dread down there. Afterwards I will reclaim our Alter to Holashner and leave this place. The demons and mortals can have what is left for all we care.
I should make sure to attempt to “cure” as many of my brethren as I can. Those I can not, I fear I will have to put out of their misery. Truly a tragedy for the epoch.



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