The Savage Tides

Irgzid Uzeye's Imprisonment

Wasting away in this cursed caged while my people rot around me! Trapped for MONTHS! Nothing to do but reflect.

When the Primas returned to us … Changed, I was one of the first to accept the blessed Gifts from the Lord of Dread, and we gladly passed them onto the idiot Red Pirates (CrimsonFleet) to spread our God’s will. My brothers were soon blessed with Laogzed’s Embrace afterward but I was not. At first I feared what this ment, but I wrapped myself in bandages and grew my claws out like the rest to hide my shame.

Slowly my brothers and sisters dwindled to this what I now know is a disease and they seem to drift futher and further away from the proper teachings. When they added that second head to the alter I knew something had gone horribly wrong. After our last exchange with the … Primas… I slipped away from my brothers (They seem to grow dimmer as the days press on), and snuck back into the Temple of Ancients.

There I had a vision.

My brothers are being deceived by the Primas! By the Lords of Dread! By Ulioth! By who ever these darker powers be!
I returned to Laogroat to gather warriors, but my rally proved to be my undoing. They imprisoned me after they realized I was not tainted by the disease. They left me in a cage by the dead hoping I would contract the plague, which I have not. Preaching to me daily of the sins of Health.

Recently the Skin-walkers, more deluded followers of one of the other Lords of Dread- brought a addle Olman as a slave or sacrifice, they left him in the cage beside me.
That was two weeks ago, and I still linger here.

What’s this? Strangers have come too Laogroat.

*Boom * *Bang * *Ka-Bang * Followed by other loud sounds, and artillery fire.



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