The Savage Tides

How to rule an Aboleth City

Ulioth port
Something is wrong, my Master- yet I don’t know what it is. I feel like something new is down here in this rotting city. But am I merely growing over protective? I shall not have the other Lords call me paranoid again. I’ve dispatched a few extra scouting parties to sweep through the alien city.
They’ve reported the Tooth-Beast, slain by claws, swords, and arrows, his treasure missing. This alone means nothing by itself. The FarRealmiam wild life here could have ended it. One of my own charges could have done the deed weeks ago and never reported it.
Another group has reported the chamber in which the fourth flame pillar resides has collapsed in on itself? Exploded by the way the scouts report it. We were never able to get past the pillar ourselves. Whatever Aboleth shrine lay on the other side could have very well erupted by itself. You known of The Altar we cultivate. Aboleth’s and their insane architecture FEH!
I am recalling some of my charges for extra protection around our Ziggurat. I can not act rashly without cause. Since the fall of the two other Lords of Dread we watch each other, questioning everything. I will not be branded a traitor of the Sibilant Beast- the one true two headed god.

Ulioth, First of Primas, Great Shaman to Demogorgon



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