The Savage Tides

How to lose an Aboleth City

Ulioth port
NO! The tear is shattered! My brethren, quick, see to the Primal Fish Gods and destroy their husks! Send warriors to inspect the tear and nearby fountains!
What has happened!? So sudden, so soon!? Have the Aztec Gods come to reclaim what is theirs!? Lord of all That Swims in Darkness! Ahmon-Ibor! Aid you’re most loyal and devout! What has gone wrong!?

I see.
Five Warriors? Five and a half truly…
They are on their way here to the ziggurat to slay me, killing any of my kind that get in their way. I will not let them seize the alter, Master! I must know more of them. Give me your insight, tell your humble servant what to do next…

~ Ulioth, First of Primas, Great Shaman to Demogorgon




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