The Savage Tides

Arkh's Log

Oh-Ho! The Captain and his mates returned victorious! Cap’n tells me the beast is dead! That means Mithril! Which means more trade opening up! Which means once The cap’n and his crew clear the of rest these beasties off this island- Good Ol’ Arkh is set for life. Ah the Mithril trade- likely the only trade ever that never fall out of favour. Well ‘cept if the mine runs out, or I fall on a sword, or get eaten by a beastie.
Chin up! Some of the new lads took betting our Heros wouldn’ make it. Us more season hands are now that much richer. Good scan by Bill connin’ the newbies inta betting against the them adventurers. Ha!

The returning heros did some voodoo callin’ to the sky and sea to return the Shepherd’s dog back to the sea? Not sure what is going on, but the pups corpse is now in some floatin’ ball under the surf. Gives me the shivers ta be honest- Not evil, just something us men shouldn’t be messin’ with.

Ye’ Ol’ Heros and Lord o’ Dread also went back to explore something else deep down in the mine. Said they “Found something.” Two words I didn’t like hearin’.



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