The Savage Tides

Bill’s Report

- One and three fourths a barrel of Nails, Eight tons of timber.
I’ve heard the Olman workers talk about great cities of old, twisting cave networks stretching for miles under the Island, among other marvels of the Isle of Dread. I’d be impressed to know how the ancients did all of this considering the engineering feats they would need to undertake.

- One barrel of Nails, five and a half tons of timber.
Prior to the Heros leaving to “Check out something underground" they left their dog’s corpse inside a spell of some kind. Arhk was told it was important. The spell-ball slowly attracted all sorts of sea beasties. Swarms of large squid, more Reef Mashers, Shark’s big enough to swallow the ship, Writhing masses of tentacles, and house sized crabs looking for a new home.

I missed all the action as I was below patching holes and supervising the crews for almost sixty hours straight, lower compartments are still more flooded than I’d like. Took a long nap afterwards.

- Little less than one barrels of Nails, five tons of timber. half a ton of Drift wood.
When I came topside with a bowl of crab stew in my hands. We were well on our way to Gallant Cove. Arhk was a little mad at the captain, not sure why. Oh and the dog is alive again and a dino now. Not sure how that happened.

- Little less than one barrels of Nails, five tons of timber
Met with the Glutton, the Hero’s bribed the beast for safe passage. I wasn’t worried, but Churtle scared me- curled up in a ball under her work bench chanting “Don’t find me don’t find me.” Not sure the little Kobold knew that Dragon Turtles aren’t really Dragons.

Hero’s departed for some cave to look for those bombs the Crimson fleet use. Great time to send a crew a shore, and restock. No sea beasties will bug us this close to the Glutton’s lair. Think I’ll take Churtle with us, she could use the air and dry land.



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